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This website showcases just a small sampling of the items we carry or can CUSTOM INSTALL for you.

A car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both. Car alarms work by emitting high-volume sound (usually a siren, klaxon, pre-recorded verbal warning, the vehicle's own horn, or a combination thereof) when the conditions necessary for triggering are met, as well as by flashing some of the vehicle's lights, and (optionally) notifying the car's owner via a paging system and interrupting various electrical circuits necessary for the car to start.

Protect your vehicle and valuables with an effective new security system. Security features like remote start, keyless entry, carjack protection, and keychain remote transmitters are easily available.

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Python Car Alarms

PYTHON® offers the latest technology in vehicle security and convenience. All of our security systems offer Multi-level Arming, Warn Away®, Event History, Status LED Light, with convenience features like Remote Valet®, Power Door locks, Power Trunk, and much much more.Since you value your property, you want the most sophisticated defense available and that means PYTHON® security systems.

Code Alarm

Talk about credibility! For over twenty-years, Code Alarm has been recognized as the driving force in world-class automobile security and convenience. Beyond simple "noisemakers," Code Alarm manufactures products that provide a complete vehicle solution. The company has pioneered major advancements in anti-theft and convenience technology, and has proudly raised the bar for the entire industry to follow.

Clifford Alarms

The innovation and technology that makes CLIFFORD systems so intimidating to thieves is also what makes them so convenient for users. Access up to 16 functions with the press of a button on the remote, for literally instant command of an awesome array of security and lifestyle-enhancing features, including remote engine start, remote control trunk release, headlight automation and window auto close.