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BBB Accredited Business since 3/7/2000 with A+ Rating

One of the few occasions that an additional star is needed on a review. Best customer service and honesty I've experienced. Mike is a genuine business owner that takes pride in what he does. If you are local then it's the place for all your car stereo needs. If you are not local, then my friend it's worth the drive.
Johnny L. from Redlands, CA | 6/13/2015

Mike went above and beyond for me and prices have been amazing!! Really in business to help people!! Keep up the great work and happy listening!.
Brandon G. from Rancho Cucamongo, CA | 3/23/2015

I just can't tell you how great Mike was with my father-in-law and I. He installed a Radio in Dad's car, the sound is just wonderful. Couldn't ask for any Better job or price. What a great person, Thank You again for all your help. Prior to going here we went to big box store. They wanted 40% more, and very bad attitude with customers. Tune Time is first class, and I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks again Mike for a job well done.
Tom C. from Banning, CA | 3/13/2015

I'm always a little worried when I see a review with so many 5's, but after visiting Mike at Tune Times, I can say that the reviews are absolutely warranted.

First off, Mike is great to work with, funny as hell and absolutely knowledgeable about cars and stereos. What I found when I met him is that he had gone through a battle with throat cancer, and that leaves him only able to converse using a throat mic. When I called, I heard this robotic voice speaking to me, but after getting over the initial shock, had a blast with it when he started cracking wise over the phone. My point is this, don't let his voice throw you off.

He took his time to make sure he understood my goals with the installation and that what we were doing was going to meet them. He was very careful in the car, explained some of the decisions he was making, and checked multiple times that everything was working as it should. He also wasn't the type to keep you behind a painted line or in the waiting room, but allowed me to stick my nose in to see what was happening to my baby. And best part of all, he was cheaper than other options I had looked at!

Best experience ever with a stereo installer and will be returning with another car.
Ken K. from Loma Linda, CA | 12/3/2014

Verifying what everyone else says here. Mike is trustworthy and straightforward. Just a classy professional who runs an honest business. Thanks for fixing my sound system Mike!.
Kristian W. from Rosemead, CA | 9/21/2014

I asked to purchase a stereo for my Landcruiser. Mike convinced me I should buy a particular model. But then he was unable to obtain it due to being backordered. He suggested I buy a different model at Best Buy. He then installed it for a much lower price than Best Buy would have. I bugged him twice after that with questions about how it works. Today i went in for help after breaking off my rear view mirror. Mike fixed it and would not take any money for the effort. Great service. I will send my friends and family to him.
Sonny L. from Redlands, CA | 5/28/2014

I came in earlier today to have my stereo receiver replaced since it stopped functioning how I wanted it to and I figured it was time for an upgrade. I needed something within my budget since I am a broke college student after all and Mike suggested a pretty reasonable receiver that also takes USB devices. He finished the job in less than an hour. He was a pretty funny guy as well. I definitely recommend him to anyone that needs to upgrade or replace their sound systems.
Mike R. from Redlands, CA | 2/17/2014

Mike took very good care of me today- I bought a truck with a radio that did not work. I installed a new one but could not get the existing amp to work so I kept messing with it. Eventually my stereo would not turn on.... SO I took it to Tune Times and Mike fixed it in about 30 minutes. His charges are completely reasonable as well. I now have a new home for all of my auto audio needs.... This is my first 5 star rating!!!!
Glen R. from Highland, CA | 9/4/2013

Tune times stereo & alarms is awesome! Why you ask? The funny and honest owner Mike, great prices, and a nice clean shop! I highly recommend anyone to come here for all of their car audio and alarm needs. I've been to over 4 shops in the oc, la, etc. who knew I'd find such a gem of a shop in Redlands. Don't be intimidated by the nice Bentleys, Mercedes, and other luxury vehicles in his shop as prices are great and if its good enough for those guys, its good enough for me. From here on out im coming here for all my audio needs and i recommend you do too! I promise you won't leave disappointed or ripped-off.
Glen S. from Irvine, CA | 4/5/2013

Well folks, this is the review I have always wanted to write. A very positive one. Over the years I have had very expensive stereo systems in my cars and have always had issues with the establishments ive tried using. They would all try to upsell stuff i didnt need, and I literally would end up going back to the store over and over again because something was always wrong. It never was resolved. I was wasting gas and extra money that didnt need to be spent, however most of these people take advantage cause they know most of us are ignorant when it comes to car sterio sound. And with the costly prices of a good system, you have to put faith in these guys cause they know whats best. That is a big mistake.

I've had 4 cars done and spent between 5 and 10 grand on each. Everyone of them had problems and never sounded right. One place was Al and eds Autosound. They suck so bad. Circuit city screwed me as well. i TRIED SO MANY different places and the result was the same. This turned me off and I decided I dont want to spend a fortune just to get taken advantage of anymore and I can live with average sounds.

Well, I decided i would give it one more go. This time i read reviews like a smart person would (even knowing that the owner could possibly write a fake possitive review) and decided to give Mike a chance at Tune Time in Redlands California.

As soon as I called him, I felt a comfort level that seemed to good to be true. He told me to bring my car in and he will help me with what I was trying to accomplish. All I wanted to do was get a a head unit installed ASAP cause I wanted the dvd player for a a trip I was going on.

When I got there, it was a very nice and well maintained place. You could tell Mike really cared about what he does. He works alone and has a gorgeous shop. I decided I wanted to get better speakers for the doors. He let me listen to quite a few different ones and didnt at anytime tgry to have me buy the most expensive ones. He actually talked me out of it saying that for what i want to do, this will be bitchen and I wont really notice any difference. That alone saved me 400 bucks. I asked about the back door speakers and he couyld have sold me the high end ones like the front, but told me I wont notice any difference from the 1000 dollar speakers or the 150 dollar speakers cause they are in the back and the brunt of the sound you want comes from the front.. So, once again, I saved another 800 bucks and the sound was just like it would have been if he would have convinced me to spend the extra 800 bucks.

We startyed talking about amps, cause when you buy very nice speakers, u maximize their potetial with amps. He could have sold me the most expensive ones he had, but he told me all I needed is this to have killer sound. No reason to spend all that extra money. The quality will sound the same. I ended up asking about subwoofers. I was looking at his very expensive ones cause I usually think the more it costs the better it is. He was honest again and told me he has killer subs for about 125 each that will rattle my fillings loose and the way he will build the box will make it sound unreal. Already, I have saved about 5 grand which I would have spent elsewhere.

My car sounds so amazing, I just couldnt believe it. It was the best by far that I have ever had and I didnt come out of pocket nearly as much as usual. he sold me what I NEEDED. Not what he wanted. He was so nice.

He is a very legitmate car audio guy, and I would reccomend everyone to him if they want killer sounds without being ripped off. Like I said, he could have screwed me and I would have not known the difference, but he almost wouldnt let me buy the ungodly priced stuff, cause id get the same sound from the less expensive ones. He was right.

I am really really happy. Mike puts lots of love into his work and the craftsmenship is second to none. It's as if he treats all cars like they are his.

Best work I have ever had done.. Please never go to Al and Eds, or a best buy type of place and always read reviews. Some reviews you can tell the owners wrote and you want to stay away from those.

Once again his name is Mike and he owns Tune Time Stereo and Alarm in Redlands California I dont care if you live in LA, you must have your work done there. It is worth it.. He has a great sign on his wall that reads, GET YOUR CARS STEREO DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, AND ONLY CRY ONCE. I stand by his work which is why I am writing this lengthy review. He was so great and this is a great way to repay his honesty, and his knowledge. Thanks again Mike and keep up the good work.
Nik A. from Redlands, CA | 11/3/2012

Amazing and sincere service. Went in for a replacement (rare) part .. ended up getting the deck pulled out and troubleshooted .. and eventually an alternative part plugged in due to manufacturer fault. Mike made sure I left his shop with tunes. I am amazed. Stopped into 4 places today, and so glad I ended up here.
Matt H from Orange, CA | 9/22/2011

Tune Time Stereo and Alarm Customer YouTube
Stereo Show - dated 9/13/2011

My girl blew her front speaker out so i took it here. mike quoted me a price and there was way more work involved then expected.he didn't even charge me any extra.this is the way business use to be done in the old days. which i really miss. mike is a stand up guy and has my business as long as he is in business. GO TO HIM you will not be sorry!
YP.com user | 7/4/2011

Highly recommend these guys!. I went in for a pdx 5 amp and a lc6i converter install. I told them to put it under the back seat and when i went back to pick up my truck they went above and beyond by making a custom compartment for the amp and lc6i hidden away in the backseat. Great job guys!!
YP.com user | 1/7/2011

I shopped around a few places before I arrived at Tune Time to get a blu-tooth installed in my car. As soon as I got there I knew I had found the place! Mike was very honest, professional and practical, and addressed every one of my concerns as a car owner investing in this. We set up an appointment and I left the store with a smile. What I got was professional installation and a courtesy I have not seen in years from a stranger. I highly recommend Mike and Tune Time to anyone-- you will not be sorry!
Google User Review | 2010

I walked into Mike's store not knowing anything about what I needed, I just had a broken CD player that was 10 years old. Mike was helpful and gave me lots of options. I had a ton of questions and Mike answered them all. There were a few software glitches with my phone/bluetooth connection and Mike helped me through them promptly. I was always able to get ahold of him by email or phone. Another issue with my non-ipod MP3 player was addressed by Dave, and he was very helpful calling the manufacturer and getting the story. Great guys, and fantastic service that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Also, very reasonable prices.
Google User Review | 2010

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