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ALPINE - Mount your Rear View Camera
License Plate Mounting Kit

A convenient camera view brings additional convenience and safety when backing up!

Easy to Install Kit

Here's the simple, clean kit you need to mount the HCE-C105 camera on your vehicle's license plate. This durable kit is constructed from a rigid, sturdy cast metal frame. Built-in LED's illuminate your plate for added safety across various vehicle applications.

This License Plate Mounting Kit works specifically with HCE-C105, HCE-C107D, HCE-C200F, HCE-C200R and HCE-C300R.

Alpine HCE-C105
Rear View Camera

For the best rear view, add a camera to the back of your vehicle. Add the Alpine HCE-C105 rear view camera for added safety and back out of parking spots with ease. This small camera (mounting bracket included) can be installed on the rear bumper by the license plate of your SUV, truck, or car, with high quality, color picture projected right onto your Alpine mobile media station. For increased safety and convenience, view what's behind you, right from your dash!

Alpine also offers a back-up camera specifically designed to work with either the INA-W900, iXA-W407, or iXA-W404. The HCE-107D is designed as a direct plug-in for an easy install with any of these three head units. Back out of your parking spot with an extra view. With the addition of the HCE-C107D camera, simply have it directly installed on the rear bumper of your vehicle and see what's behind you, right from the convenience of your dash. You also have the option to integrate it into the KTX-C10LP license plate frame kit for a clean incognito fit.

  • High visibility day and night
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Dimensions: 7/8" x 7/8" x 1"
  • Compatible with: IVA-W505, IVA-D106, and IVA-W205
  • Accessories included:
    (x1) Rearview camera
    (x1) Power Unit
    (x1) Camera Mounting Bracket
    (x2) Hex camera mounting screws
    (x1) Hexagonal wrench
    (x1) 5meter RCA video extension cable
    (x1) 3.5meter Camera extension cable
    (x1) Waterproofing mounting pad
    (x1) Waterproofing pad adhesive
    (x5) Wire clamps
    (x2) Velcro fasteners
    (x4) Self-tapping mounting screws
    (x1) 6meter ACC power wire